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A Week and Few Days with a Fuel Cell!

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[This was my second entry at the GM Drivers Blog…]

I am about a week and a half in with my Equinox, and it really is second nature now, as far as operation and driving. It is a fun truck to drive and I’m loving the conversations it can generate. So, at this point I’m willing to point out a couple of things I really dig about the system and a couple that I don’t…

fuel cell tiny picI love the electric propulsion… very “twist-and-go” like the Yamaha scooter which serves as my daily driver. The quickness and response is pure joy and it always startles my friends who drive it. I guess they think it will accelerate like the electric golf carts they’ve driven. But, having lauded life without a transmission, this baby can roll away! I mean, a good 8 to maybe 10 inches at times when I’ve parked and put it in “Park.” I’ve had a scare several times that I might hit another parked vehicle across from me on a slight incline. It will also roll away at some red lights and stop signs when I remove my foot from the brake pedal.

This is also a really nimble system. I don’t know the contrast in curb weights bewteen our Fuel Cell trucks and a combustion engine Equinox, but I assume we’re a lot lighter, at least it drives as if it were. That’s a great thing, except my wheels can pop and spin on a little bit of moisture. Mostly, I just have to curb my enthusiasm!

My average fuel economy is always hovering around 44 m/kg and that gets people thrilled and excited. I’m usually asked about an eventual price tag in 2015, and I’ve had a lot of success getting $1,000 deposits on future trucks from people… just kidding! Folks really are ready to buy this truck!

Peace, Swirlyfoot

I am test driving a fuel cell truck for GM!

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me and ma fuel cell tinySo, a couple of years ago I signed up GM.com to be a test driver for their fuel cell vehicle, and that dream has finally come true! The following is a blog entry I made yesterday on their driver’s site… I’m sharing it here with you, too…




Weeeee! I picked up my Equinox a few days ago!

Listen, I love this truck. I am going to wait until I have a whole week “under my belt” before I actually offer any critiques or specific ideas on the handling and performance, but for now, I’ll just mention how much people love to get thrilled about this truck and to find problems with it. It’s almost like the grief response steps as far as being able to be mapped: 1) curiosity, 2) apprehension, 3) excitement, 4) challenge, and finally 5) envy. It seems everyone starts off really curious, “Does it run water?” But soon after learning a little about Hydrogen they get a little nervous about standing so close. After learning more about Hydrogen they get pumped and want to drive it. Then, they feel a strange need to “debunk” it by expressing concern about it making too much H2O and messing up our naural balance with too much water, or something like that. Finally, they just get good and envious that I have it and they don’t, and they want it bad.

The funnest scene so far for me was my chiropractor emptying the whole clinic, staff and patients, for an impromptu inspection and Q&A time, yesterday. I’ve promised him that he’ll get a test dive on Friday! Peace, y’all! Todd