Civility in Scripture

ancient words napowrimo.jpgAll through November of 2013 I blogged each day exploring civility as it is taught and modeled in our Christian scriptures. I don’t have a compilation of the blogs as I do other tweeting projects, but maybe I’ll get that done real soon! =)

AMDG, Todd

General Civility Discourse in Life

Each day in October 2012 I tweeted and blogged something about civil discourse. Your interaction and input were awesome! Your encouragement was much appreciated! Here’s a full compilation of those tweets.

AMDG, Todd

Oct. 31 ~ A dream: We can speak a world of bridges into existence. Every day. #civility

Oct. 30 ~ Civility knows when to keep quiet and just let something go. #civility

Oct. 29 ~ Civility is marked by humility, patience and candor. #civility

Oct. 28 ~ Civility offers the needed apology. #civility

Oct. 27 ~ “If speaking is silver then listening is gold.” Turkish Proverb #civility

Oct. 26 ~ Civility includes mastery of the basic courtesies: please, thank you, you’re welcome. #civility

Oct. 25 ~ Civility is your body language as well as your words. #civility

Oct. 24 ~ Civility builds a person’s integrity one word at a time. #civility

Oct. 23 ~ Civility allows for change to happen. #civility

Oct. 22 ~ Civility is humility on parade! #civility

Oct. 21 ~ Civility, like any good habit or reflex, requires practice. Start small, work your way up. Don’t give up. #civility

Oct 20 ~ Civility is a gift, not as in an “ability,” but as in something shared with your neighbor. #civility

Oct. 19 ~ Quote: “Teaching civility is an obligation of the family.” – Stephen Carter #civility

Oct. 18 ~ Civility does allow for humor, just be wise & fair, and use some whimsy! #civility

Oct. 17 ~ Civility can be contagious… spread the goodness! #civility

Oct. 16 ~ My civility is not dependent on yours, or vice versa. #civility

Oct. 15 ~ Civility won’t always be the funnest or funniest response. It can be hard being an adult. #civility

Oct. 14 ~ Civility accepts an apology. #civility

Oct. 13 ~ Civility asks good questions. #civility

Oct. 12 ~ An opportunity of civility: opposing ideas working together can result in creative new options. #civility

Oct. 11 ~ Allow the other to self-identify: Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Democrat, Republican, etc… #civility

Oct. 10 ~ An opportunity of civility: you just might learn something when not screaming. #civility

Oct. 9 ~ A person doesn’t need to be a hypocrite to hold an opinion differing from your own. #civility

Oct. 8 ~ Civility does not weaken your argument, it establishes it for posterity. #civility

Oct. 7 ~ Civility allows for the “benefit of the doubt,” a response of hope. #civility

Oct. 6 ~ Civility supports the dignity of all persons by affirming their worth & the value of their participation. #civility

Oct. 5 ~ Civility supports the dignity of all persons by allowing all to be heard. #civility

Oct. 4 ~ Civility supports the dignity of all persons by allowing all to speak. #civility

Oct. 3 ~ Civility requires more of us than just winning… it requires connection with the other. #civility

Oct. 2 ~ An opportunity of civility: one who disagrees with you is not necessarily evil or an “enemy.” #civility

Oct. 1 ~ Civility is marked by calmness, clarity, honesty & fairness. #civility