I am test driving a fuel cell truck for GM!

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me and ma fuel cell tinySo, a couple of years ago I signed up GM.com to be a test driver for their fuel cell vehicle, and that dream has finally come true! The following is a blog entry I made yesterday on their driver’s site… I’m sharing it here with you, too…




Weeeee! I picked up my Equinox a few days ago!

Listen, I love this truck. I am going to wait until I have a whole week “under my belt” before I actually offer any critiques or specific ideas on the handling and performance, but for now, I’ll just mention how much people love to get thrilled about this truck and to find problems with it. It’s almost like the grief response steps as far as being able to be mapped: 1) curiosity, 2) apprehension, 3) excitement, 4) challenge, and finally 5) envy. It seems everyone starts off really curious, “Does it run water?” But soon after learning a little about Hydrogen they get a little nervous about standing so close. After learning more about Hydrogen they get pumped and want to drive it. Then, they feel a strange need to “debunk” it by expressing concern about it making too much H2O and messing up our naural balance with too much water, or something like that. Finally, they just get good and envious that I have it and they don’t, and they want it bad.

The funnest scene so far for me was my chiropractor emptying the whole clinic, staff and patients, for an impromptu inspection and Q&A time, yesterday. I’ve promised him that he’ll get a test dive on Friday! Peace, y’all! Todd


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