A Week and Few Days with a Fuel Cell!

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[This was my second entry at the GM Drivers Blog…]

I am about a week and a half in with my Equinox, and it really is second nature now, as far as operation and driving. It is a fun truck to drive and I’m loving the conversations it can generate. So, at this point I’m willing to point out a couple of things I really dig about the system and a couple that I don’t…

fuel cell tiny picI love the electric propulsion… very “twist-and-go” like the Yamaha scooter which serves as my daily driver. The quickness and response is pure joy and it always startles my friends who drive it. I guess they think it will accelerate like the electric golf carts they’ve driven. But, having lauded life without a transmission, this baby can roll away! I mean, a good 8 to maybe 10 inches at times when I’ve parked and put it in “Park.” I’ve had a scare several times that I might hit another parked vehicle across from me on a slight incline. It will also roll away at some red lights and stop signs when I remove my foot from the brake pedal.

This is also a really nimble system. I don’t know the contrast in curb weights bewteen our Fuel Cell trucks and a combustion engine Equinox, but I assume we’re a lot lighter, at least it drives as if it were. That’s a great thing, except my wheels can pop and spin on a little bit of moisture. Mostly, I just have to curb my enthusiasm!

My average fuel economy is always hovering around 44 m/kg and that gets people thrilled and excited. I’m usually asked about an eventual price tag in 2015, and I’ve had a lot of success getting $1,000 deposits on future trucks from people… just kidding! Folks really are ready to buy this truck!

Peace, Swirlyfoot

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