October 6, 2012 Redux in 2016

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Oct. 6 ~ Civility supports the dignity of all persons by affirming their worth and the value of their participation. #civility

*This is something to think about, today. We’ve hit a point when not only are candidates ridiculed and smeared, but their supporters are called names as well. We hear “I’m going to cancel your vote” and taunts like that. The cynicism has reached new heights. 

I’m hearing more and more voices in my lifetime that would limit who should be able to vote, and lamenting the many kinds of people who do. And they aren’t talking about race or gender, they’re talking about assumed intellectual and cognitive abilities.

It is simply uncivil to begin to pick and choose who has worth in our system of deliberation and choice. Just yesterday I watched SNL’s “Undecided Voter” gag. And I’ll admit I chuckled a few times. It was a funny, satirical poke at how many of us look at the other voters around us, especially those who disagree with us.

Still, civility demands of us a commitment to the value and worth of the other people participating in our discourse. I tweeted the last couple of days about the gift of allowing the other to speak and be heard. We won’t do that unless we understand our need for the other, their value and the importance of their participation.