we finally made our summer beach trip…

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Everyone relax… Josiah made it to the beach. He’s been talking about the beach since January. So, since school starts Monday, we packed up the kids and headed to Delaware on Saturday. we spent some time on Rehoboth Beach swimming and playing putt-putt golf!

Yes, that was DELAWARE, the First State. None of us had ever been there. Kinda cool, kinda cool.

Here are the boys at putt-putt… complete with fiberglass shark.
(As if a live shark would strike such a “dolphin” pose!)


Next is Hunter at the beach…

Josiah blissfully sanded…

And Ike at after putting a deuce!

If any of these photos seem to be of a lower quality it’s because we left on this momentous trip without grabbing any of our cameras. *sigh* So, I was stuck using my phone. I cleaned them as best I could.

Peace out.

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