The National Zoo…

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Well, we finally got away from Bethesda today and Metro’ed down to DC to check out the National Zoo. Very nice. We were impressed with the Pandas… but the Amazonia building was the bomb! It’s built around a big aquarium with the scariest-big fish we’ve ever seen along with an astounding array of fresh water Sting Rays. It had a tropical rain forest room and a big science lab with all kinds of microscopes and cool things to look at.

A very cool exhibit is the Golden Lion Tamarins. They have a section of the zoo in which they simply roam free. There are volunteers throughout that area and the rest of the zoo to help you spot cool things and feel different kinds of animal fur, etc.

The boys enjoyed it, but since the zoo is built on a hill, the walking was pretty brutal by the end of our little excursion. And no train! There obviously wasn’t a Texan on the committee when this zoo was built or there’d be a train to catch at one end and avoid back-tracking up hill the whole thing when you’ve seen it all.

Anyway… here’s the fam.

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