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Ink, the movie… see it!

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There’s a new movie by Jamin Winans on instant viewing (if you’re a Netflix subscriber) that I’d like to recommend. It’s called Ink.

Here’s the deal… the maker of Ink is going for a high level of art and visual magic in his film, and in many ways he does succeed. But it is also fairly slow and enigmatic plot-wise at times, so let the visuals carry you when the story moves a little slower. Special effects range in intensity, but he nailed the “dream eyes.” If you’ve ever had a nightmare in which you just couldn’t get your eyes to focus, then you’ll know what I mean.

My bottom line with Ink is this: If you can hold on for an hour and a half of “OK” movie, then the last fifteen minutes will make it all worth while. I was not stunned by most of this movie, but the last fifteen minutes ate my lunch (in a good way). So, if the definition of a great movie includes taking you somewhere and making you want to stay there, then this might just be a great movie. I’ve already bounced to iTunes and purchased the soundtrack… great electronica!

Check it out! You’ll be glad that you did!