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And Update on The Dream…

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I threw this out and many beautiful souls have responded with rich insights and encouragements, so I thought it was time for an update…

Around eight days ago I had a bunch of words and a couple of ideas. Today the dream has a name, a website domain, a twitter account, a three page organizational document, offers for videography/photography and web hosting services, contacts with established nonprofits, four committed, way talented and wonderful board members, a lead on a friendly lawyer who is knowledgeable in helping establish nonprofits legally, and finally our document is being reviewed for free by a professional grant writer… GOD IS TRIPPING MY FUSES!

How many times have any of us wanted to wake from a dream and find it to be our reality? I am awed and humbled by what is happening in the hearts of people and by the ease of making things happen with this little dream. I don’t want to be unthoughtful in my words or less than totally sincere. I am freaking out! And it all makes me very aware of the need for some gratefulness. St. Ignatius of Loyola said that he figured, “The root of all sins is ingratitude.” Word.

So, this is where we have come in a very short time… but so much remains to be done before we ever put the needed antiretroviral medicines in an individual’s hands! In fact, this is crunch time for me. The need for me to do paperwork is terrifying. Paperwork is my worst allergy. The temptation to slow down, rein in and be “common sensical” is overwhelming. But the thing is out of the bag and running and I will not quench it.

So pray with me, please. Go to and light a virtual candle in thanks, praise and humbled request for all God has done, is doing and will do with us!

And for all those wondering, the full name is Envision HIV/AIDS Relief in Africa, or Envision for short. The domain is, though there’s nothing there yet. The Twitter is @EnvisionAfrica.

Scared silly about living the dream but still smiling,

some new very admirable friends… “A Wider Circle”

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Folks often ask me where they can plug into community volunteering and find good things happening in the area. With that in mind I asked Brooke a while back to help me dig up the local groups that are helping folks, and last week the convergence of two conversations, one with Brooke and one with Gloria at the Chamber of Commerce, brought me to the doorstep of A Wider Circle yesterday morning.

This organization collects household goods and distributes them to families who find themselves without many of the essentials that make a home: beds, tables, appliances, etc. Of course, the group does much more than that, but you can dig thru their website to learn more. Yesterday I was able to pitch in by driving their truck on some morning donation pickups and then loading the truck with throw-away junk and taking it to the dump in Rockville. Seriously, I slept hard last night. They worked me good.

The folks at A Wider Circle are in the process of organizing help for under-funded families to have good thanksgiving meals and joyful holidays in the next two months. Check out their website with the link in their name if you’d like to pitch in as well. At the moment, they could really use help driving that 16′ moving truck on Wednesdays and Saturdays, roughly 10am to 3pm. If you’re blessed with the experience and fortitude to handle such a truck, give’em a call!

Peace, Todd

8.8 Million, Baby!

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I don’t know if it is totally hooked to the homeless data collected last month in the Tarrant County homeless census, but I heard on the radio today that Tarrant County is being given 8.8 million in Federal funds for the homeless population! Yeah! Great job people! Huge kudos to whomever and allever hit the streets that night!

Any takers for a worth while night of volunteerism?

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Brad Voss made me aware of the (all volunteer) census happening this week of the homeless population in Tarrant County. It happens between 9pm Thursday and 2am Friday. You must attend a training session to volunteer in the count and there are a half dozen or so opportunities left. Here’s the link… This census information forms the base for funing and other initiatives in the county.

If you can help, it looks like they’re still in need of many volunteers.

Instant Activist… flex your influence…

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Here’s a project for you! Years ago I made an autism awareness poster that was printed and circulated all over the State of Alabama. It doesn’t sell anything, and it doesn’t glorify anyone… it just asks parents, gandparents or concerned friends to act on their concerns. The CDC is saying that these days something like 1 in every 150 births in our country will result in an autistic spectrum disorder. I reformatted this image as a 4×6 photo so you can print it at CVS or Walmart, or wherever, and then tack it up at your local Starbucks or grocery store. These flew off the bulletin boards in Montgomery because people have concerns, but they’re not sure what a first step might be… print five or six and tack them up together in a stack and see how long they last… we can actually do something to help children we will never meet.

Oh, and yes, that is a shot of our Josiah! If you can’t easily grab this image from the page then just email me at and I’ll send you a high res copy!