some new very admirable friends… “A Wider Circle”

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Folks often ask me where they can plug into community volunteering and find good things happening in the area. With that in mind I asked Brooke a while back to help me dig up the local groups that are helping folks, and last week the convergence of two conversations, one with Brooke and one with Gloria at the Chamber of Commerce, brought me to the doorstep of A Wider Circle yesterday morning.

This organization collects household goods and distributes them to families who find themselves without many of the essentials that make a home: beds, tables, appliances, etc. Of course, the group does much more than that, but you can dig thru their website to learn more. Yesterday I was able to pitch in by driving their truck on some morning donation pickups and then loading the truck with throw-away junk and taking it to the dump in Rockville. Seriously, I slept hard last night. They worked me good.

The folks at A Wider Circle are in the process of organizing help for under-funded families to have good thanksgiving meals and joyful holidays in the next two months. Check out their website with the link in their name if you’d like to pitch in as well. At the moment, they could really use help driving that 16′ moving truck on Wednesdays and Saturdays, roughly 10am to 3pm. If you’re blessed with the experience and fortitude to handle such a truck, give’em a call!

Peace, Todd

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