October 15, 2012 Redux in 2016

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Oct. 15 ~ Civility won’t always be the funnest or funniest response. It can be hard being an adult. #civility 

Yeah, I know. Incivility can be funny, and fun. But we have to have our sights set on  higher goals. Have we mentioned that civility has a price tag? Indeed, it does. And the person choosing civility most often pays it.

We like to get a laugh. We like to “score a point” for our side. It often takes a mature measure of self-control and wisdom to choose to be civil, to choose to be civil instead of funny or vindictive.

One thought on “October 15, 2012 Redux in 2016

    Janet Reger Cunningham said:
    October 15, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    I’m tired of being the adult! I want someone from a differing viewpoint to do the work! OK, OK, yeah, that’s the wrong tactic. *sigh* I guess I do care about their spiritual growth more than my desire to not be mature. Grrr, stop making me grow up! 🙂

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