Be A Good Winner (Kentucky Clerk Mess)

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Many of as Christians have been horrified at the idea that the Kentucky Clerk scandal has anything to do with our faith. It doesn’t. It has to do with the rule of law. And if, like me, you are glad for our LGBTQ neighbors having full legal liberty, freedoms and acceptance, then when Kim Davis was sent to jail we won. We won! She is not a victim and not a martyr; she is an officer of the court who took illegal action to defy the court. And she’s rightfully in jail now.

But, none of this gives any person of faith the license or moral right to try to humiliate, denigrate or hatefully attack her with name calling and insults. Just as her actions and bigotry against her gay neighbors is not what Jesus taught, neither is the hateful responses we see online, sometimes from people of faith. Be a good winner… dig deep and find some grace and mercy for someone so befuddled and confused in their faith journey. And celebrate with our gay neighbors, friends and family in Kentucky who no longer face such an illegal obstacle to their pursuit of happiness and wedded bliss!

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