Shamelessly Seeking Prayer

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cross-on-floor_0001If I might be so bold, “Would you pray for me, today?” Life seems extra busy right now, with some stress and excitement, some challenge and some trial… and I covet the prayers of my friends and family.

I’m feeling extra aware of the many roles I have and the responsibilities I carry from day to day… neighbor, husband, father, son, brother, employee, pastor, coach, friend. I’m no different than anyone else and certainly not unique in the roles I have; I’m just noticing some increased fatigue and stress and not wanting it to become the thing I’m spending my time and energy managing.

I know that many of you have similar things happening in life, and some bigger things even, and I’m so happy to pray for you. We can totally make a trade… your prayers for mine. Let’s do a little covenantal life, shall we?

AMDG, Todd

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