Prayer For My Enemies

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i am the true vine jesus paintingA Prayer For My Enemies

God of unbridled love
and steadfast affection
for all of creation,
I desire your will in my life.

So I pray for my enemies
asking you to bless them
with peace and wisdom,
with joy and goodness.

I have in my sinfulness
offended others with my words
and hurt others with my actions.
These may think me an enemy.

Personal choices I have made,
for my own faith and vocation
with no intention to offend any,
may lead some to be my enemy.

Circumstances of my birth,
my nationality and ethnicity
being things beyond my control,
may still cause some to revile me.

For all of these I pray,
For all those I have hurt,
For those who hate my choices,
For those hating what I am.

I would beg that healing
come to any I have injured;
I pray for their peace
that they would be whole.

I pray peace for all unlike me
who dislike my choices and life,
that they would know joy
and I could better serve them.

I pray for those who hate
the very thought of who I am,
who believe me a burden,
that they might see you in me.

May we be reconciled
until no more enemies remain
and in your enfolding peace
we reflect your light. Amen.

AMDG, Todd



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