Clerical Healing +5 for every book carried but not opened!

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I’ve had a couple of fun clergy moments this week, one somewhat in the line of what people think (or dont think) about clergy, and then one of those classic “you know you’re a clergy when” kind of things…

Book, Mage, Reaper, DFo's Reaper Dwarf Cleric, Grayrune Rear ViewMy character is a Cleric! I get a lot of solicitations at the church office, by phone and mail, every week. I’ve heard it called “preying on the pray’ers,” but for the most part it’s the usual benign inter-company marketing. But this week I got a letter from a company of lawyers who like to represent people disabled at work or in accidents and who need compensation. Their letterhead tagline? For reals, it was “Got disability?” Ugh. Sometimes people think I sit and work at Starbucks because I’m a hip dude, but I’m actually hiding from the marketing.

The funnest part of their letter was that they addressed me as a “Cleric” instead of clergy, hehehehe… and all my gamer friends giggle along. It may not mean much to you, but for a nerd like me to have some rationale for officially claiming myself a cleric is pretty exciting.

And I’m freaking addicted to books! I’ve also been thinking of all the extra books I’m lugging around every day. Is it a clergy thing? “My backpack overflows…” I know I won’t have time to read them all, most will go unopened… but I can’t not have them! Honestly, I’m a clergy, not a cleric… my books are the usual prayer books, missals and theological works, not tomes of spells or priestly runes… but they’re still magical! I love them!

So, I’m just sitting here having my third cup of coffee, waiting for my manna bar to regenerate. I don’t intend to cast many healing spells this morning but I’m reeling from the disappointment of not being able to find a book I wanted to carry. Worry not, I found three others to take it’s place.

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