No, I’m sorry… God Loves.

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So, the sad folks of Westboro Baptist Church came to Bethesda today with a message of hate and condemnation; they’re the “God hates fags” folks. They stood outside my son’s high school with graphically disgusting signs, taunts of hatred and shameful messages of violence. I did not want to validate their illness by taking pictures of them. Instead I took a picture of the students’ response, one of love. That sign says it all.

I’m filled with parental pride that my son asked if he could go in early and stand with the other students of the school in quiet response to these people of hate. My son gets it. My son knows that the haters are wrong. My son is not growing up to be a hater. I was proud to stand with other parents and keep our cool while these people were protected in their right to speak their sick minds. I’m not sure how, but we kept our cool.

There’s nothing new about their illness. If you read their website it becomes obvious that they are completely messed up. And I’m no where near the first to say that they are wrong, but I’ll say it anyway. It’s important that we say they are wrong. It’s important that we stand against that kind of hate. They are wrong.

I’m back in my office now, myself somewhat sick in heart. I’ve got some Rich Mullins playing, trying to chase away the demons.

“Savior God, pour out your Spirit on these students in Bethesda. Bless them for their commitment to love, for love belongs to and flows from you… and deliver us from evil.”


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