Me and My New, Old Mac…

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OK, way back in the college years when I sold Macs in our University Bookstore I also owned an old Performa Desktop and borrowed a Powerbook 520c on occasion for classes. I cannot remember any computer ever feeling as good under my hands as that Powerbook. So, when I decided recently to get serious aout making time for some creative writing, I knew I needed more than time. I needed a Powerbook 520c under my finger tips… and so I found one on Craigslist for $50.

I love it! and of course, I’m now watching for parts machines, old software… all that. I just picked up an older Ethernet adapter for it off of Ebay. And I have begun to use it for writing. Here’s an responsive prayer I wrote for this coming Sunday morning, based on Jesus’ “Beatitudes.”


Leader: Our Good and Gracious God, we ask you to…

People: Give us a hungering poverty of spirit
Leader: so that richness in you becomes our desire
People: Give us peace when in brokenness we weep
Leader: and let the hope of your comfort never fail us
People: Give us a humble charity towards others
Leader: until the whole world knows our serving love
People: Give us a thirst for becoming like you
Leader: that is daily satisfied by your presence
People: Give us a true gratefulness for your mercy
Leader: and implant in us a living mercy for all people
People: Purify the troubled ways of our hearts
Leader: so that you fill the scope of our vision
People: Make us a people who live and breathe peace
Leader: so you, the God of Peace, will be known through us
People: And hold us as we share the gift of your suffering
Leader: for in its affliction we will better understand and better love

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