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I’ve been plowing my way through a new book for the last week. It hasn’t been a fast read, but it’s been good. The book is called Eyes to See, Ears to Hear by David Lonsdale. The book is an introduction to Ignatian Spirituality. I’m reading it because I’m in an Ignatian Daily Life Prayer Retreat this week. So, far, I’ve been reading about the images of God, Christ, the World, etc., and the experiences that made Ignatius tick. As Lonsdale moves into a discussion of discernment he has this quote, which I considered worthy of sharing:

“Today we are more ready than we have been in the past to acknowledge that being a Christian is more a search for genuine truth than a secure position of certainty from which to survey the world and pass judgment. Trying to be a Christian means learning how to respond with love to God, to people and circumstances. It means searching for ways of living out the two great gospel commandments of loving God and our neighbour, while recognizing the imperfection of our attempts. It also means searching honestly for the most authentic truth; not just the knowledge that can be learned but makes little difference to how we live, but also the deeper gospel truth that makes little sense in fact until it becomes the truth which governs our lives.”

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