Two weeks ago, getting ready to move way out east…

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So, as we get ready to move to Maryland (YEAH!!!), we’re doing some driving around to see grand parents. We drove up to Thayer, Kansas (pop. 600), a couple of weeks ago to see Teresa’s mom’s mom, Norma Morris, on the farm… here’s a a few shots from the trip.

Hunter’s Party

Above is Hunter’s Birthday Party that we held in downtown Thayer at Mama C’s Grocery Store… Mama C specializes in carrying very few items and none less than two years out of the manufacturer’s suggested date of consumption. Oh, and Hunter got the PSP for which he’s been pining away.

Hunter Driving

Hunter got to drive his brothers around on the lawn tractor…

And as seen below, I got to drive our van’s hood up under grandma’s mailbox!

And finally, I just wanted to throw in a shot of some of grandma’s grape vines. As always, our trip out to her farm was peaceful, relaxing and filling. (She cooks like none other!) God blessed us with peace and safety, and we’re grateful.

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