A new job, and so much more…

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So, we’re going to be moving to Bethesda, Maryland. For a few months, the last couple especially, we’ve been in process with a great group of people in Maryland at the Church in Bethesda, in regard to their search for a new Senior Pastor. And after a trip out to Bethesda last weekend, we knew we’d found a place… and they seemed to know as well.

We’re still working on some of the details… packing, moving, etc. Teresa and I will probably drive a U-Haul out with our junk in the middle of July, fly home and drive the boys out in the van. For you who love our boys and our whole family, let me just tell you that this group of people in Bethesda has already shown enough love and gracious welcome for us to convince us that they will help us make a very blessed new home in Maryland.

This move is such a good thing for us! And we are so grateful to God and to the folks of the Church in Bethesda for such an opportunity.

Peace and Love, Todd

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