Almost a month since posting…

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I’m sorry. It’s almost been a month since I posted on either stream I’ve been talking about… those were finding a job and my spiritual journey. John the Baptist over here has been busting my chops about it.

On the job front: lots happening actually. I have been part-time at Starbucks for a month and really enjoy it! It’s pays the old el squato, but I get to drink a lot of coffee. I mean, like I’m twitchy while typing this. Otherwise I have been doing interviews with two churches fairly seriously about their positions. One is a small-town 35 member church and the other is a citified 5,000 member church. I might know where I’ll be going next by this time next week.

Both churches are First Christian (Disciples of Christ) Churches. You can find out more about the group at their national website, I’ll keep you posted! (with posts)

Peace, ya’ll!

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    Roulanuaneulp said:
    October 3, 2010 at 2:58 am

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